Spotted Bird is a Rotterdam based animation production company founded in 2021 by Peter Lindhout.

Spotted Bird stands for recognizing and stimulating new and established animation talent. At Spotted Bird we aim to challenge, inspire and support filmmakers to produce animated stories with a convincing artistic vision that touch people in their heart.

We challenge animation talent to go even further with their stories and their visuals, we inspire by bringing talented people together and we provide both practical and mental support during their development as animation filmmakers.

Peter worked as a visual artist, as lawyer at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, as consultant for animated film at the Netherlands Film Fund and as director at the Holland Animation Film Festival and the Kaboom Animation Festival. Peter works with Keplerfilm on some of their animated productions (a.o. The Miracle by Nienke Deutz and JUUL by Tom van Gestel).

With over 25 years of experience related to animation production at a point where the Dutch animation industry is changing rapidly, Spotted Bird is ready to take on new animated adventures.