55 socks

55 socks
9 min
Released 2011
Target group: 6 – 99

During the cold winter of hunger in 1944-45 a mother and her daughter hide two Jewish girls in their house. There is little or nothing left to eat and the women look for ways to survive. They decide to unravel a woollen bedspread and knit socks from the wool, 55 in total. On her bicycle without tyres, the mother sets out to barter the socks for food. Oscar-winning director Co Hoedeman (Amsterdam, 1940) reached back into his childhood memories to make this beautiful, poetic film.

Script and Direction
Co Hoedeman

Spotted Bird, MusiVision and The National Filmboard of Canada

The National Filmboard of Canada

Supported by Netherlands Film Fund, Société de développement des enterprises culturelles - Québec (SODEC) and Bravo! FACT